Warning: E-mails pretending to be from FedEx can wreak havoc

FedEx spam
FedEx spam

If your mailbox has been bombed the last couple of weeks by e-mails appearing to be from FedEx and claiming a package sent to you has gone undelivered, blame Zeus, king of criminal bots, for helping to release another Kraken on the Internet. The bogus spam e-mails are still finding their way into mailboxes as you read.

This is far from the first time the FedEx brand and its domain has been spoofed. But these e-mails are written to seem like they are coming from a staff person (often with a Hispanic name) inside FedEx, using a @fedex.com suffix. Some are sent with a subject line saying "Fedex Invoice copy" and "Fedex Item Status."

Unlike other falsely FedEx-branded malware attacks, this one contains an attached image instead of text, according to technology specialist Graham Cluley at U.K.-based Security firm Sophos.