Student makes iPhone app for spelling

Student shows off his iPhone
Student shows off his iPhone

It's tough to remember the exact spelling of words during cram sessions, after staring at a computer for hours on end. Rather than wasting those last minutes, which prove precious to college procrastinators, wracking your brain -- find the correct spelling by typing the tricky word into your phone, just as it sounds in your head.

Clark Rinker, a computer science major at Evergreen State College, used his knowledge of technology to assist struggling students through the creation of the iPhone application, the American Wordspeller and Phonetic Dictionary.

The iPhone app, based off of Diane Frank's book, which she created for her dyslexic daughter, Gabby, Gabby's Wordspeller, converts phonetic spelling to proper spelling. It allows users to search for words by the way that they sound, rather than their actual spelling.