Pirates Ahoy: Bring the bling to the high seas with a Gold-plated Hull

The Pirates Ahoy Gold-plated Hull in action
You'd think in a world where everyone is searching for treasure, gold would be a little more valuable. Pirates Ahoy creator Playfish just released a Gold-plated Hull for your ships to bring some style to your treasure hunts on the cheap.

The item requires you to be Level 7 to purchase it and goes for a measly 1,600 coins. That's not too shabby for a chance to look as good as the relics you'll find in it. Continue reading to find out where you can find this gem and how much it goes for.
The New Hulls available in Pirates Ahoy
Just head over to your island and click on your ship to customize it. Under the "New" tab you'll find the Gold-plated Hull as well as the new Iron Hull and the limited edition Steel-plated Hull. The Iron Hull is only available to Level 18 players willing to dish out 1,000 coins, while the Steel-plated Hull is open to Level 9 players with 600 coins for just four more days.

The Iron-plated Hull and Gold-plated Hull are only availble for the next seven days, so grab them while you still have time.

Click here to grab this snazzy new hull design before it goes away for good.
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