Natural medicine guru releases anti-vaccine rap video


Natural medicine guru Mike Adams is unveiling a boisterous rap music video effort to suggest that the right way to counter the flu could be vitamin D rather than vaccinations. To probably no one's surprise, the government isn't exactly thrilled.

The colorful and sometimes off-color effort, called "Vaccine Zombie," comes as flu season arrives and government agencies including the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urge flu shots.

The rap contains these lyrics. Look out, Eminem:

"Standin' in line for the vaccine shot.
Hope I get mine cause believe it or not.
I think I might die lest I take what they got.
My brain's too fried so I give it no thought, no thought.
Cause the FDA said it's safe for me.
The drug companies claim that it's made for me."

The chorus is:

"Forgot how to think for myself.
I don't understand a thing about health.
I do the same as everyone else.
I'm a vaccine zombie, zombie."

No word yet as to whether this rap causes rockin' pneumonia or the boogie-woogie flu.