Miami Airport Temporarily Evacuated Over 70-Year-Old's Suspicious Item

Hundreds of people were evacuated and four concourses temporarily closed at Miami International Airport after officials found a suspicious metal canister in the luggage of a 70-year-old scientist.

The item was spotted by a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screener in the U.S. Customs area of Concourse E. It looked like a pipe bomb, a government official says.

No explosives were found though the canister was sent to an FBI lab for testing. The scientist was taken into custody and being questioned.

The Miami Herald reports the man is an American, who arrived in Miami on an inbound flight and was cooperating with authorities.

The Miami-Dade police bomb squad spent several hours searching the airport. Before an all-clear was given, an on-site hotel was also evacuated and airport roadways temporarily closed.

Several flights were also diverted to other areas of the airport.

Photo, brownpau, flickr

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