It's National Coupon Month: Celebrate with savings!

Every September since 1998 retailers and shoppers have celebrated National Coupon Month and this year to mark the occasion one of our favorite coupon collectors, Coupon Sherpa, has launched I Love Coupon Month to celebrate the savings that come from coupons. Coupon use increased in 2009 by 17% over 2008 and shoppers of all ages and income brackets are continuing to turn to paper and digital coupons to cut the price of everything from groceries to clothes and electronics.

Just how much do we love coupons? Well in 2009 there were 367 billion printable coupons distributed with an average value of $1.44. At an industry recommended six inch length, laying all of these coupons end to end the line would stretch to the moon and back 72 times! Even with the smallest length of 3 inches the line would stretch back and forth 36 times with coupons to spare. That doesn't even cover Internet coupon codes which rose 263% in 2009 according to the coupon statistics on I Love Coupon Month.

Whether you're like me and hesitate to make a purchase without a coupon or are a casual user you'll find some National Coupon Month savings and learn more about coupons at the I Love Coupon Month Blog.

To start off the month right the crew at I Love Coupon Month is compiling a collection of coupon tips and related topics to help you get the most out of your coupons. They kicked off the month with three interesting posts; If you're looking for coupons then you'll appreciate the resources at I Love Coupon Month which include printable and online coupons as well as coupon bloggers like WalletPop's own Bargain Babe Julia Scott who delivers deals on a daily basis.

While you're in the spirit of National Coupon month you should check our where you can print coupons or clip them electronically to redeem in store. If you happen to live near a Meijer location you can use your phone number as a rewards card and clip coupons digitally through the recently launched mPerks program and if you prefer to clip your coupons on the iPad then you'll enjoy the new CardStar Coupon iPad app that lets you clip coupons to numerous reward cards.
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