FarmVille Pig Truffle Hunting: Sniff out special 'shrooms for cool rewards

farmville pig truffle hunting

FarmVille Pigpens debuted last week. Most farmers have already built their Pigpens and were waiting for the next steps. Starting tonight, farmers began having access to the Truffle Hunting that works with Pigpens. Note, this feature is being rolled out in phases, so if you do not have access yet, you soon will.

farmville pig trufflin

So how does Truffle Hunting work? You can start by accessing this feature through your FarmVille Pigpen. You can use your Pigs to hunt for Truffles on your neighbors' farms. The better Pigs, will give better Truffles. The better Truffles can be traded in for prizes which will include some new Pigs. Some of the prizes you can get are a Strawberry Pig and Black Pig.

  • 1. Make Pig Slop from Bushels.
  • 2. Feed your Pig Slop.
  • 3. Hunt with fed Pig.

FarmVille Pigpen Click to Start Hunting

Pigs that have just hunted for Truffles will need to rest for 2 days in the Pigsty and catch up on their sleep before they can hunt again.

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