FarmVille: Hot Pink Pig returns to the Market for 12 days only

farmville hot pink pig
farmville hot pink pig

Tonight, the Hot Pink Pig makes a return to FarmVille! The Hot Pink Pig, a previous Limited Edition Valentines Day animal, seems to have replaced the regular Pig in the FarmVille Market.

The regular Pig, in the meantime, has been moved to the Free Gifts page. You can now send free Pigs to your FarmVille neighbors via the Gifting Page. While the regular Pig is now giftable, the Hot Pink Pig will cost you 18 FV$ farm cash and is set to expire from the market in 12 days.

This Pig change is most likely due to the recent addition of the FarmVille Pigpens and gives everyone a chance at filling their Pigpens with occupants for free.

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.