Fanglies welcomes us back with news screen

Fanglies news
Fanglies news

Fanglies has been iterating at a fast pace, constantly releasing new features and items for players to get their hands on. Today, players will be greeted with a welcoming surprise: a new news screen that tells you about the latest deals. At the moment, this screen is more or less a promotional tool, showing three new purchasable items that are only available if you pay gems. There is a space on the top, however, where the latest news could go. Many players don't actually become fans of games, meaning that they may miss the latest happenings. This "Welcome Back" screen is the new place for everyone to see what is new and hot before it leaves the market.

This will pop up every time you log in to Fanglies. If you want to access it later, there is a button in the bottom toolbar that says "New!" that will always bring this screen up.