Cafe World: Save big on cash, coins and more in the Labor Day Sale

The Cafe World Labor Day Sale
It seems Zynga (like the rest of us) is aflutter with Labor Day fever. Sales and limited edition missions are popping up across a bunch of its games and Cafe World is no exception.

Log in today and you'll find deals throughout the game on items like Mystery Crates, Cafe Cash, Expansions and more. Get the scoop on this sale behind the cut.
Cafe World Labor Day Sale Prices
Firstly, Cafe World's Labor Day Sale is offering deep discounts on Cafe Cash and Coins to take advantage of the slew of items for sale. Here's a break down of what's on sale:

  • All Cafe Roofs are 30 percent off
  • All Spices are 20 percent off
  • Mystery Crates are also 20 percent offCafe World Grand Master Chef

If discounted goods weren't enough, this sale highlights the previous launch of Lightning Super Stoves, which are available for just 40 Cafe Cash. Not to mention the inclusion of the Grand Master Chef. However, no one seems to know what it does yet as its yet to make its way into the store. Expect it to show up very soon in a future update as this sale ends shortly.

Head over to the sale now as these deal are set to expire Tuesday, September 7!
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