Cafe World Rechargeable Grand Master Chef coming soon

cafe world rechargeable grand master chef coming soon
cafe world rechargeable grand master chef coming soon

Cafe World
has been making running a virtual restaurant simpler these days, rolling out a No Clean Fairy (build this and you'll never have to clean a dirty stove again) and the No Spoil Genie. Now, it looks like another bonus-yielding object is headed our way -- the Rechargeable Grand Master Chef.

Does that mean, we'll have someone to mind the stoves when and if we're away from our the kitchen too long? And, more importantly, will it be something we can build with friends without having to use real-life money? These questions and more will be answered "soon," or at least according to this new notification in the game (see pic above).

As long as it doesn't cost Cafe Cash, I'll be happy to outsource any additional work to any fairies, genies or robot chefs who are interested in the job. Does that make me lazy? I just like to think that I'm working smart.

What do you think the Grand Master Chef will be? Leave a note in the comments.

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