Cafe Life serves up free drinks and speedier leveling


Cafe Life is getting to be quite the popular cooking game, now boasting over 2 million monthly active players. As a response to player concerns and feedback, this week the developers have made leveling easier in the game. One big frustrating with Cafe Life was how slow it took to progress at the higher levels, so we're happy to see this change.

The new changes that were released are the following: Less experience is now required at the higher levels, some dishes were adjusted to provide more experience for cooking them, and added two additional coffee machine unlocks at levels 36 and 45 so players can earn coins and XP faster. We're sure that players are loving this update.

In additional Cafe Life news, five new drinks were added to the game today.

Vanilla Float
Strawberry Bubble Tea
Cookies n' Creme Frappe
Cinnamon Dolce Latte
Lime Soda

These new drinks are spread out over a variety of levels, so there is sure to be something here for aspiring bakers in Cafe Life to create on their stoves.

What do you think of the leveling update and the new drinks? Leave us a note if you play Cafe Life!