PetVille: Winkz the Pomhuahua takes its cue from Paul the Puggle

PetVille Winkz the Pomhuahua
If you're looking for Wednesday's Limited Edition pooch, don't fret, cause you didn't miss it. Apparently, PetVille decided to take a break, and didn't release Designer Dog # 4 on its Gifts page 'til today.
PetVille Designer Dogs in a room
With Winkz the Pomhuahura, PetVille returns to their original concept of small, furry and cute. Its predecessor, Bleu the Saint-Dane, was a giant among dogs, being a mix of the Great Dane and the St. Bernard. Pomhuahua, as you could probably guess, is a hybrid of a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua, two of the most popular toy dogs in existence. There's really no telling what PetVille will try to crossbreed next! (Vampire Pomeranian, anyone?) Finally, like the other dogs, Winkz is animated and can be sold for 150 Coins.
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