Cupcake Corner on Facebook feeds your sweet tooth

Gameplay from OMGpop's Cupcake Corner.

Casual game developer OMGpop has just launched its first-ever Facebook game, Cupcake Corner. The game is strikingly similar to Baking Life by Zip Zap Play, but is much more active than most social games. Customers can enter your bakery at any time and order pastries that are coming hot out of the oven, and keeping up with all of it feels a lot like playing the classic time-management game, Diner Dash.

The idea of Cupcake Corner is to please as many customers as possible through preparing and selling various sweets like donuts, cookies and--you guessed it--cupcakes. Managing multiple ovens at once is key and becomes more challenging as you expand the size and scope of your bakery.
Expanding your bakery in Cupcake Corner
Another feature unique to Cupcake Corner is tipping. Customers will leave tips on the table after eating their meal based on the cost of the pastry baked, but it doesn't stop there. Patrons are likely to tip more to a bakery that looks snazzier. Thus, the Luxe rating. The Luxe value (which has a max of 500) can be increased by making cosmetic improvements to your fine establishment through the "Redecorate" button. Decorations range from new tables to better ovens and even nicer floors.

However, to increase the amount of decor you have in your bakery you'll need to expand, which can become costly. So, get to baking if you want to have the most luxurious bakery on Facebook.

Considering OMGpop recently signed on with social website myYearbook to integrate its games into the budding social network, could this mean the company is having the same talks elsewhere? All we know is that this marks yet another developer taking their chances at success with the social juggernaut.

Play Cupcake Corner on Facebook now.
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