Ohio Police Officers Caught in Pink Slip Blunder

layoffsEvery office drone can relate to the cubicle warriors depicted in the popular 1990's movie 'Office Space' including stapler-obsessed Milton who was never properly let go from the company.

Pink slips not reaching their intended recipient is not just a comedy skit, as six police offices from Akron, Ohio found out. Layoff notices sent out to officers Wednesday morning in Akron were mistakenly sent to the wrong six officers, due to the city miscalculating seniority points.

CIty officials of Akron quickly fixed the error and scrambled to recalculate seniority points as they continued to send out notices of employment to a total of 40 officers.

This pink slip blunder is rare but not unheard of during large lay-offs at companies and organizations. Cutting staff is a delicate situation but some executives find themselves in even more hot water due to miscommunications and oversights.

Jackson Memorial Hospital handed out notices to 100 workers this past May, only for the union to realize that the hospital was not abiding by proper procedures that allowed senior members to "bump" others from jobs. The hospital reevaluated the layoff list after the workers' union pointed out such errors.

Less than two years before that, media network The Carat agency accidentally sent out an email regarding upcoming lay-offs to the entire staff instead of a select few. The European agency was planning to cut employees in the States but instead of keeping the secretive emails between execs, the private conversation was instead sent to the entire company. The Carat agency apologized for the mistake and blamed it on human error.

Companies try their best when following through on staff cuts but mistakes are inevitable especially when large numbers of employees are being let go. Employees who are caught in a pink slip blunder like the police offers in Akron can help the organization fix the mistake by offering support to the laid off workers and remaining professional despite the unorganized situation.

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