FrontierVille Labor Day 'Back to School' missions: Time to get learnin'

labor day extravaganza

In honor of Labor Day, Zynga has released new 'Back to School' Missions in the FrontierVille market.

The first mission, titled "Back to School," costs 5,000 coins (you can find it in the Market, under the *Special* section) and tasks you with prepping yourself for Labor Day to get a special dunce cap decoration. You only have five days to pick this one up and the mission expires September 10, so you better get crackin'.
frontierville back to school

See how to plan ahead for this series of limited-edition missions after the break.Below are the three parts of the Back to School missions, read the details and plan ahead so you'll get these missions done before they're gone forever.

frontierville finish the farm chores

Back to School Mission 1: "Finish the Farm Chores"

1. Harvest 10 pumpkins (pumpkins take one hour to grow)
2. Plant 10 fruit trees (hint: plant apple trees if you don't have any, because you'll need to harvest 15 of them in the next goal)
3. Sell 10 adult goats

Back to School Mission 2:

1. Water/harvest 15 apple trees
2. Feed 15 Pigs
3. Collect 10 "fair tickets" (ask friends to send them to you by posting a message on your Facebook wall)

Back to School Mission 3:

1. Visit 10 neighbors
2. Buy a swimming hole
3. Collect one schoolhouse daily bonus

Got any tips on how to get through these missions fast? Or just looking for new FrontierVille friends? Leave a note in the comments below.
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