FarmVille Unreleased See Saw Pig, Owl Statue, Sheep Toys, & Cliffcorner Marvn

farmville see saw pig
farmville see saw pig

"Hang on, did I read that correctly? Are my eyes fooling me? A See Saw Pig? What in tarnation? Are those ducks on the other end? Is that pig wearing a hula skirt?"

These are the questions I'm sure you've been asking yourself after first setting your gaze upon the wonder of engineering that is the See Saw Pig. Although they're all fitting questions, none of them is the right one. The question you should be asking is, "How can I see it in motion immediately?!"

The answer to that is simple my friends: click the continue reading button below.

cliff corner marvn
farmville owl statue
farmville sheep toys

Thank you to Jack Hong for finding these unreleased FarmVille See Saw Pig, Owl Statue, Sheep Toys, & Cliffcorner Marvn!

Continue reading to see the Eighth Wonder of the World, the See Saw Pig, in action.