FarmVille Recycling coming soon

farmville green recycling boxfarmville blue recycling boxfarmville yellow recycling boxfarmville recycling
farmville recyclingBased on these unreleased items and ribbons, it seems that FarmVille is getting set to roll out a new recycling feature.

In addition to a new cursor, recycling boxes, ribbons, and a recycling bar, one of the unreleased images is of two people sharing a blue recycling box which implies that players will be able to recycle or share gifts with their neighbors.
farmville recycling center
There are also a number of ribbons that are tied to the new recycling feature. They will probably be rewarded based on the recycling center bar above, one being awarded at each benchmark. The final ribbon, Recycle Swapper, poses more of a mystery. My guess is that it is linked to the neighbor recycling feature. The ribbons are as follows:
recycle army
farmville recycle humanitarian
farmville recycle munificent
farmville recycle swapper
Stay tuned to The Blog as we track all the news surrounding this new environmentally friendly FarmVille recycling feature.

[Via FarmVille Wiki]
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