DateBid brings creepy social gaming twist to online dating


And here we thought date auctions were just a fiction created by hack writers for third-rate sitcoms and romantic comedies. No, apparently they are a real thing, or a virtually real thing, at least, thanks to a new social game called DateBid.

Just launched on Facebook (and coming soon to other social networks), DateBid gives new members 5,000 "Datebid Fun Dollars" to bid on auctions for virtual webcam dates with other desperate shutins virtual daters. Accumulate enough fun dollars and you can redeem the balance for prizes from retailers like Victoria's Secret, Best Buy, and Apple, or donate the proceeds to charity. Selling your affection to the highest bidder has never been simpler!

If the idea of spending virtual money to get virtual webcam dates with strangers seems creepy to you, the people behind DateBid would like to assure you that you are wrong. "Our vision for DateBid is to combine the excitement of social gaming and online dating for a safe, fun, and socially engaging way to meet new people," said Alex Yamane, Chief Technology Officer for DateBid. "With our online and mobile webcam dates, we solve the problem of not knowing for sure whether the person you meet online is really who they say they are."

Hey, if it gets me an iPad, I don't care who's on the other end of that webcam.

Originally published