Cafe World: The 24-hr Return of the 'No Spoil Genie'

Cafe World No Spoil Genie info
Cafe World Special Items sectionWe haven't seen the No Spoil Genie in over two months, when Cafe World warned us that the Genie would go poof by June 28th, but now it's back!

The No Spoil Genie grants players the option of making sure your dishes never go bad. To use it, drag and place it into your restaurant. To turn it off, put it into storage. When it first appeared, such was its awesome power that one player dubbed it, the "Unwither Ring of Cafe World", after a similar item in FarmVille. But such a power comes with a hefty price tag.

Originally, the Genie cost 145 Cafe Cash, or roughly $25 USD. Now the price has rose to 160 Cafe Cash. But guess what? The real world price still hovers around $25 on account of the fact that Cafe World is having a Coins & Cash sale right now. 120 Cafe Cash is currently $17 USD. And you can boost that pass 160 CC by going for the 55 CC for $8 USD option. That'll leave you with 15 Cafe Cash to use on other premium items.

You can find the No Spoil Genie in the Special Items section of the store. Go to where you buy stoves and counters, then click on the blue gem icon.
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