Williamsburg with Teens: A Perfect Family Day

Williamsburg with Teens: A Family Vacation
Williamsburg with Teens: A Family Vacation


Few places in the United States are more jam-packed with history than Colonial Williamsburg. The capital of Virginia from 1699 until 1780, Williamsburg was a hotbed of the American Revolution. The legendary leader Patrick Henry gave some of his fieriest speeches there. And when you walk its streets, you'll retrace the footsteps of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

So for good reason, Colonial Williamsburg has been described as the largest living history museum in the United States. Once almost lost to the wear and tear of time, the town was restored to its quaint 18th-century glory during the early 20th century. My family has had marvelous time-travel adventures there, and so will yours. As you plan your visit, keep these thoughts in mind.

Many taverns, tours, and performances require reservations. You can't even get into the Historic Area without an admission pass. You can make reservations for passes and other tickets here. You can also get reservations and scads of useful information by calling this handy, easy-to remember, toll-free number: 1-800-HISTORY. And downloadable maps will show you where things are, including shuttle bus stops.

Insider tip: Don't try to see everything in one day - it will all become a blur. If it's a holiday season, scrap our suggestions and find out about special events.

Here's my guide to a perfect day in Colonial Williamsburg for you and your teens:

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