The only Farmville guide you need

In looking for interesting things to post here on -- The Blog, we come across a lot of links to things that claim to be "The Ultimate Farmville Guide" or "How to make infinite cash on Farmville with no effort," or something along those lines. An overwhelming majority of the time, those guides are either poorly written, rambling blog posts or part some sort of pyramid scheme of resellers hawking the same old common sense tricks.

Then there's PC World's Farmville Almanac, which blessedly does not fall into either of those categories. Using clear language, easy-to-read charts and a pleasing presentation, the Almanac has everything a Farmville player needs to know from planting their first seeds to to milking the cash crops available at the higher levels. It even gives different advice depending on how frequently you're willing to log in to the game -- great for people who have better things to do than plan their entire life around their virtual harvests.

The only people this guide doesn't apply to are those who are literally trying to cheat the system by getting some sort of auto-clicking program to play Farmville for them. But really, if you're one of those people, you shouldn't be playing Farmville at all. You should be participating in your other hobbies of tripping little old ladies and kicking puppies. You monster.

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