Mafia Wars promises 'a better user experience'

mafia wars cooperative club
mafia wars cooperative club

Mafia Wars players have been extremely vocal about the game's bugs and general sluggishness. So it seems very brave for Zynga reps to say that a better user experience is on its way in the most recent post on the official Mafia Wars blog:

"Our team has fixed a whole lot of bugs over the past 2 days. Some of these issues include fixing cross-promotional items that players weren't receiving, replacing wonky error messages and stopping players from awarding themselves extra skill points when they complete jobs."

OK, so we're glad that some bugs have been fixed. Some is better than none. Perhaps more telling are the seemingly endless comments after the post, brimming with suggestions on other things that need to be fixed or changed in the game, including "overloaded' servers, complaints about players using 'snag' cheat apps, no more challenge missions and allow clans/all players to share loot... to name a few.

The post ends by saying "Our work is far from over." Seems like a lot of fed-up virtual mobsters will agree with that.

Have you had trouble with bugs and sluggishness in Mafia Wars? What else (if anything) needs to be fixed?