IBM to Start Shipping 'World's Fastest' Computer Chip This Month

IBM plans to start shipping what it claims is the world's fastest chip as part of its zEnterprise System mainframes Sept. 10. After more than three years -- and more than $1.5 billion worth -- of development, IBM (IBM) claims it's ready to speed the world's fastest computer chip to its customers.

The computer giant said Wednesday that it will begin shipping the z196 microprocessor, which will be included in the new version of IBM's zEnterprise System mainframe computers, on Sept. 10. The new chip boasts 1.4 billion transistors on its 512-millimeter surface, giving it 60% more capacity than its predecessor, the System z10, using the same amount of electricity, according to an IBM statement.

In July, IBM posted a second-quarter net income that grew 9.1% from the year-ago period, while revenue rose 1.4% to $23.7 billion. The company also slightly raised its full-year earnings-per-share forecast to "at least" $11.25 a share.

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