James Jay Lee's Discovery Channel Takeover

discovery gunman
discovery gunman

The busy work day at the Discovery Channel headquarters on Georgia Avenue in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland was shattered earlier today when James Jay Lee, an environmental enthusiast and supporter of Daniel Quinn and his "theories for making a living in a tribal way", entered the lobby of the building with explosives strapped to his body, possibly discharged a weapon and declared, "Nobody is going anywhere," say Montgomery County police.

Who Is The The Discovery Channel Gunman James Jay Lee?

So who is James Jay Lee besides an agitated and enraged gunman that has held hostages and the attention of all Silver Spring, Maryland Discovery Channel employees for an entire day?

According to police reports, James Jay Lee has more than a grudge against the science and technology communications giant, Discovery Channel. James Jay Lee was arrested in 2008 and published a manifesto that called for the reduction of immigration, global warming, war, and other issues surrounding over population and destruction of our planet.

A Daniel Quinn Supporter, James Jay Lee Is Misguided

James Jay Lee, directed his 2008 manifesto (SaveThePlanetProtest.com/protest.htm, a domain name and page that is no longer available online) towards the Discovery Channel asking to speak with environmentalists, readers of Daniel Quinn, scientists and people who want to work toward a real change, demanding that the networks hear his protests against the harm to our planet.

An excerpt from James Jay Lee's manifesto is seen below and clearly shows this man's deep-seeded hatred for the Discovery Channel.

"All programs on Discovery Health-TLC must stop encouraging the birth of any more parasitic human infants and the false heroics behind those actions."

Adding more fuel to James Jay Lee's fire against the Discovery Channel seems to be the works of world-renown author, Daniel Quinn who advocates leading a life that allows you to make a living in a tribal, or communal way.

"Unlike many people, Daniel and I are fortunate in that our "work" isn't separate from our "life." Neither of us any longer has to get up in the morning and slog off to an eight-hour stint for a corporation that is simply interested in getting the most out of its workers while offering as little as possible in return. Some of that has changed in the past few years as corporations are being forced to introduce more worker-friendly conditions or are opting for values-led business practices. But this still isn't even close to the tribal model of making a living. Initially we thought that in addition to providing materials, we would make this website THE place to visit if you see yourself "making a living" in a tribal way as —a kind of clearing house, where you could become part of a network of people making a living in a tribal way in various occupations and share stories about tribal business ventures."

By 5PM Montgomery County police reported that gunman James Jay Lee had been shot and that the small group of three hostages were safe. James Jay Lee's condition is not known at this time, but initial appearances seem to indicate that James Jay Lee's love for this planet was not only misguided, but over zealous to the extreme.

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