Real Company Provides Fake Receipts to Pad Your Expense Report

There are services that help you fake your way through college essays and school papers, and now it seems that there are services that allow you to lie and scheme your way through your professional adult life as well. The Sales Receipt Store, an online receipt printing service, flaunts the tag line "Create phony sales receipts from any store." For a mere $14.99, you can have 15 receipts printed out on legit EPOS paper to create fraudulent receipts that could allow one to claim more expenses on an expense report, among other things.

While the store claims to print receipts for novelty, film and stage use only, they negate their claims by stating fun facts like "Did you know that in most cases, employees are assumed to be honest and trustworthy, and their expense reports go unexamined." Along with creating fake receipts, they'll also create fake ATM receipts showing large balances for - in their own words - wowing dates with an enormous bank account balance.

MediaBistro's Media Jobs Daily reported that there did seem to be one pseudo legitimate use for this site, citing the instance of two authors who used the service to print out all of their business trip receipts after becoming frustrated with keeping up with each receipt. Although, the fact of the matter remains that they're still fake receipts.

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