BigPoint CEO: Social game company sales values are "crazy"


$182 million. $300 million. $563.2 million. These are the kind of numbers that are getting thrown around casually in social gaming acquisitions these days, and they could go even higher, especially if industry-leader Zynga decides tosell out. But are these companies really worth as much as their buyers think they are?

As far as BigPoint CEO Heiko Hubertz is concerned, the answer is a definite "No." In an interview with the head of the online game publisher expressed extreme skepticism over the amount of money behind some recent high profile buyouts. "Just look at the Disney and Playdom acquisition," Hubertz said. "That was a crazy valuation from my point of view. We're also in the same segment and if you want to grow at the same speed as your competitors you cannot only grow organically, you have to buy other companies. In 12 months, maybe 18 months the prices will be more realistic and then we can look at buying more companies."