Baltimore with Tweens: A Perfect Family Day

Baltimore with Tweens: A Family Vacation
Baltimore with Tweens: A Family Vacation

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The only thing most tweens probably know about Baltimore, Maryland, is that it is home to the Super Bowl-winning Ravens and the World Series-winning Orioles. There is a slim possibility that they might also know that the city was the backdrop for the popular movie and stage musical, "Hairspray." For the most part, though, Baltimore -- which has been a major seaport since the 1700s -- has remained quietly out of the limelight, especially with Washington, D.C., only 40 miles to the south, acting like its more glamorous big sister and luring away much of the region's tourist trade.

Ironically, the place many Washingtonians choose to take their tweens to for a day trip is Baltimore. They flock to Baltimore's Inner Harbor to enjoy a lunch on the waterfront or to visit its beautiful aquarium. They know that the Baltimore Inner Harbor area offers a good mix of history, learning and -- most importantly for tweens -- fun.

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