Back to school breakfasts for about $1

Child eating lunchTime-pressed Moms: you may be tempted to make a quick stop at one of the fast food chains to get your little one a quick breakfast on the way to school, but we say: "Don't do it." It may be convenient, but ask any nutritionist and they'll say it's not necessarily the healthiest way to start the day (Did you know that McDonald's sausage McMuffin has 370 calories and 850 mgs of sodium?).

Give your kids some fuel with these healthy BACK TO SCHOOL BREAKFASTS. They don't take time, they don't require any culinary skill and best of all, at about $1 or less, they don't break the bank:

This power meal is quick and easy. It's also one of the healthiest whole grain options (high in fiber; low in fat), and the least expensive -- at just .20/serving. Add a little milk, some fruit (frozen blueberries are inexpensive, at just .60/serving), and your grand total is 88 cents.

This is another great, healthy choice. Calcium. Protein. Vitamin D. The health benefits of yogurt are endless. And it's just .56 per serving (priced from a 32-ounce tub). Mix in some fruit for extra fuel (.30), some whole grain cereal for crunch (.19), and you've got yourself a parfait -- for just $1.05.

Egg sandwich
No frugal breakfast list is complete without eggs -- one of the cheapest, most versatile sources of protein. Concerned about fat and cholesterol? Then use the whites. At just .20/serving (based on the cost of a dozen eggs at $2.50), plus the cost of reduced fat cheese (.25), and whole grain toast (.41), your total -- for a delicious, sure-to-please sandwich -- comes to just 86 cents.

Breakfast Burrito
These are easy to make ahead of time, and they freeze well, too. Assuming that each breakfast burrito uses one tortilla, two eggs, and two tablespoons each of cheese and salsa, you're looking at a total cost of just 93 cents per burrito.
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