Authorities Probe Potential Steering Problem in Hyundai Sonata


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is looking into potential steering problems in some 2011 Hyundai Sonatas.

The probe is based on two incidents that the company reported through the government's "Early Warning Reporting" system, CNN said.

In one of these cases, a universal joint that helps connect the steering wheel and the front wheels allegedly came loose, causing a total loss of steering. In the second case, the universal joint was loosened, but not completely separated, by a defective bolt.

Neither crash caused any injuries and both cars were repaired and returned to the owners.

Hyundai has not yet received a formal request for more information about the cases.

"Of course, we plan to cooperate fully in this investigation," Hyundai spokesman Jim Trainor said.

Both cars were made at a plant in Alabama in the same month. Neither had been driven for more than 600 miles.

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