5 Best Photo Opportunities in Montreal

Photo Opportunities Montreal
Photo Opportunities Montreal

You don't have to fly to Europe to surround yourself with Old World elegance. Strolling the streets of Montreal, the second largest city in Canada, is transporting-350 year-old buildings hug the banks of the St. Lawrence, while 18th and 19th-century townhouses fill the boulevards up hill. But it's not all about the past-Montreal is also a modern city, with cutting edge boutiques to match and a buzzing restaurant scene.

The blend of old and new is just one way the city artfully juggles multiple personalities. A French-language hub second only to Paris, it's also hometown to McGill University, the English-language "Harvard of Canada." A bastion of religious sites that attract countless pilgrims, it boasts a gay district equally popular with travelers as well. As a result, Montreal is that rare city full of photo opportunities and one that can be anything a visitor wants - except dull.