5 Best Photo Opportunities in London

Photo Opportunities London

Lee Van Grack

While traveling through the great metropolis that is London, England, I noticed picturesque old buildings surrounded by a modern society that is rooted in expressions of artistic and revolutionary ideals and concepts. Something caught my eye every time I lowered my camera. However, amidst the continual shutter snapping, I did manage to uncover what I believe to be the top 5 photo opportunities in London.

1. The Romantic Photo: Saint James Garden

For the travelers among you with a shelf at home overridden by every shameless romance novel you could cram into the space, I have another guilty pleasure for you. My pick for the most romantic photo op is Saint James Garden. This beautiful collection of flowers, mangroves and swans is located directly on the left side of the street known as The Mall. This is the British flag-lined "driveway" if you will, leading to Buckingham Palace. This may sound very serene, and it is, but what really sets it apart from other London parks is that, due to it's close proximity to the palace, this was a favorite relaxation spot for Diana, the Princess of Wales. Walking along the sidewalks among the array of oddly-colored ducks, I could almost imagine the princess slowly gliding through the park, book in hand, quietly admiring the lush, tranquil surroundings. There are actually bronze disks sealed into the sidewalks marking The Diana, Princess of Wales, Memorial Walk. You can retrace her exact steps losing yourself in another life and time. Head over to the restaurant, Inn the Park, where you can purchase a picnic-basket lunch along with your favorite bottle of wine. Curl up on a blanket by the water with your special someone and enjoy the most romantic fairy-tale sunset. Setting snug between Trafalgar Square and the Royal Palace, Saint James Garden is an easy find and a great photo spot for the hopeless, or hopeful, romantic.

2. The Quirky Photo: The Thin House

If you're looking for something a little more quirky to photograph, then head over to Knightsbridge section of London to view what is known as the "Thin House." Conveniently located off the South Kensington tube stop at Thurloe Square, this remarkable wedge-shaped landmark is not something you see every day. From the front, this beautiful three-story brick building appears to be quite ordinary, with it's elegant white trim and topped with it's crown of typically European gables. However, standing to the right (the west end) of this building, you can get a better view of just how narrow this structure is. This house was not originally built for residency, but was actually designed as more of a facade to hide the train tracks that lay behind it. Now, it is a novelty that travelers photograph and label "strange" in their scrapbook.

3. The Family Fun Photo: Madame Tussauds

For those traveling with children and seeking a fun, family photo op, look no further than Madame Tussauds. This world-renowned attraction allows guests to get up close and personal with some of the most famous figures on the planet. With your favorite music, movie and even sports stars in one spot, the whole family is sure to find their perfect photo opportunity to brag to friends about. Among them are Beyonce, Spider Man, England's own David Beckham and even the Queen of England, all of whom look lifelike when you are standing next to them in a photograph.

Standard ticket pricing is £28 for adults over the age of sixteen and £24 for children ages four to fifteen. However, they offer discounted rates, group pricing or combo tickets with the London Eye online. There is much more to be found in this celebrity-studded, fantasy land and it is the perfect photo op for the whole family.

4. The Scenic Photo: The London Eye

This next photo op will lift your soul, literally. For visitors looking to get an unbeatable photo of the city from above, then the famed London Eye is for you. So much more than just your typical ferris wheel, this 135 meters high (roughly 443 feet) architectural marvel is located right across the river from Parliament and is open year round. Ticket prices are £18 for adults, £9.50 for youth ages 4 to 15, and free for children under four. Again, offering family package pricing discounts as well as substantial online purchase discounts. Although this multi-award-winning structure has enchanted more than thirty-six million visitors since it's launch in 2000, it is difficult to think of anything other than the beauty of that moment while at the top. Since 10:00 AM is the earliest that it opens, not allowing you to get a sunrise photo, I recommend not missing the opportunity to get your perfect bird's eye photo of the city at sunset. As you can imagine how popular of a time this is, be sure to purchase tickets online in advance. The panoramic view from your large glass capsule allows for the most spectacular scenic photo op.

5. The Classic Photo: The Red Phone Booth

For those of you who looking for an unforgettable classic London photo op, may I suggest the iconic red phone booth. Don't just take a picture of one, take a picture in one. Also, may I suggest attempting to cram as many people into the phone booth as you can. Whether you are traveling solo or in a group, just ask someone to help capture, what will easily reign as the funniest moment of your trip. These booths can be found just about anywhere in the city, jutting up like trees through the stone-paved sidewalks. It provides a perfect "souvenir photo" of your time in London, most deserving of the picture frame on the mantel for years to come.

The best travel photos are not just those taken of ancient fountains or medieval buildings, but rather the pictures you take with the people you care about most. These are the moments that truly make your trip memorable and live on long after your return home. So charge the camera and embark on this amazing photo journey with these Top 5 Photo Ops In London, England.

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