Safety More Important Than Money to Most Workers

A study from the University of Chicago's National Opinion Research Center shows that safety in the workplace is the top priority for workers, ranking higher than minimum wage, paid sick days, maternity leave and overtime. According to the study, which drew on polls and surveys from 2001 - 2010, most people tend to notice the importance of workplace safety once a workplace disaster happens - like the recent oil rig explosion in the Gulf.

The study also mentioned that despite a decrease in workplace fatality, injuries in the workplace remained at a steady high. And though a vast majority of workers claim that they are satisfied with the safety conditions at their job, they're also concerned about job-related stress which is a major contributing factor to workplace injuries. Tom W. Smith, director of NORC's General Social Survey stated that "Exhaustion, dangerous working conditions and other negative experiences at work are reported by many workers. Such conditions mean that workplace accidents are far from rare." Results from the study found that in the last year, 12% of workers reported an injury received on the job and 37% have, at one time, received treatment for a work injury.

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