PetVille Designer Dogs: Bleu the Saint-Dane comes marching in

PetVille Trubble the Cockapoo and Bleu the Saint-Dane
PetVIlle Bleu the Saint-DaneSo long Cockapoo! Today, PetVille has put up Bleu the Saint-Dane as third in the Limited Edition Designer Dogs collection. As with the two earlier pups, you can get Bleu from the game's Gifts page with the cooperation of other players.

We're also beginning to see a pattern in the dog releases -- all the dogs are hybrid breeds. Bleu the Saint-Dane is a mix between a Saint Bernard and a Great Dane. Another name for Bleu's breed is the "Great Bernard". The main thing to know about hybrid breeds is that they're neither purebreds nor mutts, because you can trace the lineage of the dogs' purebred parents.

Like all the dogs, Bleu is animated -- he blinks, pants, his tongue wags more than his tail, and his tail flicks more than it wags. This is pretty disappointing, and Bleu's look is also a complete break from design of the earlier pups. Unlike Paul and Trubble, Bleu appears to be an adult. He doesn't look as cute as the first two, and he's not that well animated either. I almost wonder if Zynga is designing these dogs on-the-fly.

Regardless, if Bleu isn't to your liking, you can always sell him off for 150 Coins.
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