Madden 11 Football finally arrives on Facebook as Madden NFL Superstars

madden facebook
madden facebook

The inevitable has happened, Madden 11 football has come to Facebook as Madden NFL Superstars. From the moment Electronic Arts, the owner and publisher of the Madden Football series, purchased Playfish, creators of hugely popular Facebook games Pet Society and My Empire, we wondered if Madden Footbal arrive on Facebook anytime soon. That day has come.


With Madden NFL Superstars Playfish and EA have brought the most popular United States video game property to Facebook. While we've only just begun to start playing the game, we can tell you, there will be no direct football game play. The game will consist of starting a team with a default roster and playing through practices to upgrade your team. There are simulated Football games that are played but team owners will not participate in playing those games directly. The game will be more of an role playing game and similar to the FIFA Superstars game EA released during the World Cup.

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