Jackie Chan: An advertiser's worst enemy

Jackie Chan movies, advertisements
Jackie Chan movies, advertisements

As a kung fu comedy master, Jackie Chan kicks box-office butt. As a pitchman, he's more likely to deliver a death blow to the products he advertises.

The Rush Hour and Karate Kid star has been skewered by the Chinese press for being the most dangerous celebrity spokesperson in the world, "a man who can destroy anything," the Oriental Guardian was quoted saying in the Los Angeles Times.

Give the Chinese a black belt in observation for bringing to light what they call the "Jackie Chan Curse." Chan's list of endorsement flops is growing at an incredible pace. Ba Wang, an anti-baldness shampoo (see video) Chan hawked, was rumored to include cancer-causing ingredients, causing the company's stock to plummet. Sales of an air conditioner he promoted chilled when a report emerged that one of the units exploded.