Happy Pets heads to Willy Wonka's Petshop: Have you got a Golden Ticket yet?

Happy Pets Golden Ticket Giant Willy Iguana
Happy Pets Golden Ticket Giant Willy Iguana

"Cause I've got a Golden Ticket! And with a Golden Ticket, it's a Golden Day~!"

For me, beloved memories of the 1971 film starring Gene Wilder beat out Tim Burton's 2005 adaptation. But Happy Pets' new Candy Pets Series is enough to satisfy both camps.

Each of the five new pets -- with the exception of the Mini Gummy Bear, which goes for 60 Facebook Credits (or $6 USD) -- cost 50 FB Credits ($5 USD). These are Tiny Candy Cat, Micro Honey Hound, Petite Jelly Parrot, and Little Cinnamon Bunny. To sweeten the pot, each Candy Pet purchase gives you a chance at a Golden Ticket, which instantly gets you a free Giant Willy Iguana!