Happy Aquarium: Flight to Cloud 9 and two new Wizard of Oz tankmates

Happy Aquarium Flying Monkey and Toto
Rounding out the cast of last week's Happy Aquarium set, two new animated Wizard of Oz characters have arrived -- Toto ("Sticks his tongue out when you tap the glass") in scuba gear, and the blue Flying Monkey ("Smiles big when you tap the glass") of the Wicked Witch of the West.

Toto is being sold at a pricey 76 Pearls or 63 Facebook Credits ($6.30 USD), while the monkey is going for 47 Pearls or 39 FB Credits ($3.90 USD). Both are Limited Edition items.
Happy Aquarium Cloud 9 items
For a permanent premium addition to the stores, there's the Cloud 9 Castle in the Clouds. Fantastic, breath-taking, gorgeous, and other positive hyperboles won't do this item justice. It's just amazing that such a lovingly animated castle is selling for 34 Pearls or 28 Facebook Credits ($2.80 USD).

Aside from the waterfall running from the clouds at the base, the flags also furl slightly, and a little white dove can be seen circling the towers. Along with the Castle, there's also a Cloud 9 Wallpaper that costs 36 Pearls or 30 FB Credits ($3 USD), and a tank floor going for 25 Pearls or 21 FB Credits ($2.10 USD).
Happy Aquarium Cloud 9 Castle in the Clouds
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