Google buys mobile/social game maker SocialDeck


If you somehow still think that Google impending entrance into the social game space is nothing but a bunch of chatter, you have another data point to fight against today. That's because today, the world's most popular internet search engine scooped up mobile game developer SocialDeck for an undisclosed sum.

The Toronto-based developer, founded in 2008, reportedly attracted over a million downloads in 2009 for its three mobile titles: Dr. Mario clone Pet Hero, Boggle clone Shake & Spell 3D, and color-matching game Color Connect. All three games integrate social competition, allowing players to challenge their friends to score battles. Shake & Spell also has a free-to-play Facebook version which has failed to attract much attention.

"SocialDeck's team and technology is a perfect addition to our current team of engineers in Waterloo, to continue to innovate in the social and mobile web," Google Canada spokeswoman Wendy Rozeluk said to Canada's Globe and Mail.

Following on Google's purchase of companies including virtual currency maker Jambool, SuperPoke Pets! creator Slide and investments in developers like Zynga, this latest acquisition makes the company's plans for some sort of social gaming platform all but inescapable. The only question now is when the Big G will make its move.

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