FrontierVille boosts coming soon, but they'll cost 'ya

frontierville boosts cost a ton
frontierville boosts cost a ton

FrontierVille players report that a series of Boosts have started showing up in their in-game Market -- and that they cost a boatload of Horseshoes -- 320 Horseshoes (roughly $30 in real-life cash) for the Fruit Ready boost, the most expensive of the lot.

These boosts haven't shown up in everyone's Market yet, so not sure if these are just in the testing phase or will be rolling out slowly over this week, but here's the list of boosts that have shown up so far:

Fruit Ready Boost

320 Horseshoes

Animal Ready Boost

400 Horseshoes

Fruit Harvest Boost
144 Horseshoes

Unwither Crop
80 Horseshoes

Wither Protection Boost
40 Horseshoes

We've seen Unwither protection show up in FarmVille for 200 Farm Cash (roughly $45), and it proved to be quite popular. It'd be hard to image that wouldn't be the case with these boosts in FrontierVIlle.

Will FrontierVille boosts be popular? Would YOU shell out that much for a boost?