FishVille takes tanks deep into the Phosphorus Forest

FishVille Phosphorus items
FishVille's newest theme came out just before the weekend. Right now, it's a small release comprised of six items, but they're richly detailed and give off a spectacular effect when used together. That magical nighttime glow is a beautiful sight.

The only thing that'd improve the view is if Zynga hired itself a spellchecker, because "Phosphorus" has been misspelled as "Phosphorous" throughout the game. Only two of the items in the store got it right.
FishVille Phosphorus Forest
Anyway, the six items are: Luminous Reeds (7 Sand Dollars), Plasma Orb (250,000 Coins), Treehouse (14 SD), Phosphorus Jungle Wallpaper (10 SD), Phosphorus Gravel (5 SD), and the Limited Edition Chimaera (18 SD) which will only be available for the next 6 days.
FishVille action shot of Phosphorus Forest items
Above is an action shot of three decor pieces and one fish used together -- Chimaera, Luminous Reed, and the two tank papers. It almost looks like someone's work of art, doesn't it?
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