Best Public Restrooms in Biloxi

Public Restrooms Biloxi


Seeking out the best public restrooms in Biloxi might not be top of your tourism list, but it's worth knowing where to find them if you're caught short. As a frequent visitor who has had the opportunity to check out many of the facilities, I can recommend several. What follows is a list of my favorite Biloxi bathrooms, rest stops and highway stops.

Off the bathroom subject for a minute: if you're planning a visit to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, you are in for a real treat. Biloxi is a unique and charming area that welcomes guests with scenic gulf views, delectable dining, diverse gaming and lots of family-oriented activities. Due to the long stretch of beach travel, visitors must know where to find decent public restrooms in Biloxi.

The absolute best Biloxi bathrooms are in the casinos. More specifically, the Beau Rivage casino boasts the cleanest, roomiest and best-stocked restrooms on the Gulf Coast -- and you can quote me on that. Friendly, helpful attendants are always present to offer towels, creams and lotions in exchange for a small tip. Though tipping is not officially required, it is worth a buck or two to use these luxurious restrooms. Biloxi visitors will find the casino at 875 Beach Boulevard, conveniently located in the heart of the city's commercial district.

However, if you're traveling with very young children, these bathrooms are not your best bet since those on the casino floor are not equipped with changing stations. The other drawback to this rest stop is the time taken parking -- you'll have to park in the garage and take the elevator to the casino level. If you can hold it, it's definitely worth the effort.

Other casinos with exceptional public restrooms in Biloxi are Imperial Palace or "IP" on 850 Bayview Avenue, and Grand Biloxi Casino on 280 Beach Boulevard.

If it is too much trouble to make your way into a casino just to use the restroom, there are other public restrooms in Biloxi that don't require so much effort or time. One of my favorite highway rest stops is the Kangaroo Express gas station located at 2194 Beach Boulevard. Restrooms here are always clean, with multiple stalls and real paper drying towels. (Those air-blowers are fine, but who wants to spend ten minutes drying their hands under a blower?) There is also a Kangaroo Express at 1000 Cedar Lake Road, which is almost as nice as the one on Beach Boulevard.

Shopping malls can always be relied upon for decent public restrooms, and those in Biloxi are no exception. Edgewater Mall, located at 2600 Beach Boulevard, has loads of public restrooms. Biloxi visitors should know, though, that the best restroom in the mall is the one located inside the Sears department store. It is the most accessible and roomiest and, in my expert opinion, one of the better-smelling public restrooms in Biloxi. It offers multiple stalls, real paper drying towels and a changing station.

If you need a very quick restroom stop, you can't beat McDonald's. With multiple locations, you're close to one no matter where in town you find yourself, and they all have multiple stalls and changing stations. The nicest McDonald's restroom in Biloxi is the one located at 10536 D'Iberville Boulevard. Because it is off the beaten track, it doesn't receive the same high volume of tourists that the one on 692 Beach Boulevard has to deal with, although this one is still pretty good. There is another McDonald's with a good public restroom at 1644 Pass Road.

If you happen to be walking on the beach and find yourself in need of a bathroom, Biloxi visitors will be pleased to know that the Gulf Coast Transit Authority is in the process of building five new beachfront restroom facilities at a cost of $1.25 million dollars each. Believed to be the most expensive restrooms ever built on a beach in the United States, these "comfort stations" are three stories high and constructed completely of concrete. There is no elevator, but there is a lengthy handicap ramp to the top. In Biloxi, the restrooms are located at Coliseum Pier and Rodenburg Avenue.

There are numerous highway rest stops along the beach for drivers. Many public parking areas are located near beach access spots that have public restrooms. Biloxi visitors should bear in mind that lots of people use these facilities. Although maintenance is pretty good, you never know who was there before you.

Plentiful as the public restrooms in Biloxi are, however, you might be better off breaking your journey and stopping at a good restaurant or attraction and using the facilities there.

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