American Adding More Overhead Storage for Carry-Ons, More Seats on 737s

There's good news from American Airlines for those who are trying to avoid check-in baggage fees by bringing on carry-on.

The carrier is doubling the capacity of its overhead bins as part of a major retrofit of its Boeing 737s.

But at the same time, American is also increasing the number of seats on the planes.

The new overhead bins will have doors cleverly curved outward so the compartments will be able to handle as many as six roller bags each as opposed to the current three, ABC News reports. The bags will go in wheels first, and be at a slight tilt to "magically" create additional space.

The retrofit also includes adding two extra rows of seats on each plane, increasing passenger capacity from 148 to 160. But the airline says passengers won't notice the increase in seats because rear galleys are being removed and bathrooms moved to make room.

In addition, American is installing new seats that it says allow for more knee-room, though the pitch will narrow.

Among other features being added to the jets is Wi-Fi.

American is expected to complete the retrofit on 76 of its 737s by the end of next year.

Photo, abdallah, flickr

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