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Some people call it "The Republic of Boulder" because people here are renowned for marching to their own drum. In reality, Boulder Colorado is a very liberal community with an artsy vibe. It is sophisticated yet bohemian, diverse and eccentric. And thrill-seekers will be pleased to know that adventure activity in Boulder is around every corner. Anyone looking for outdoor activities, daring ideas and travel adventures need look no further.

Boulder, a picturesque town 30 miles northwest of Denver and 5,074 miles above sea level, is both a college town and high-tech enclave with aging hippies, students and intellectuals mixing well. The common denominators here are environmental awareness, a love of the outdoors and a preference for cycling.

While there are plenty of daring activities in Boulder, we've selected just a few ideas to get you started on your adventure vacation. The whole area is a playground for adventurous Boulder visitors, so keep your eyes open to feed your imagination.

1. Mountain and rock climbing

If your idea of an adventure activity in Boulder is to scale mountains and cliffs, Neptune Mountaineering (633 South Broadway, Boulder, 303-499-8866), can set you up with the ropes, pitons, technical clothing and equipment, plus maps and advice on where to climb.

While you will see advanced climbers attempting rock climbing without ropes in many areas of Boulder, the adventure really begins the moment the wind starts to blow, as it often does. You will be happy you opted for a rope.

If you would rather do your climbing indoors, Boulder Rock Club offers a huge indoor facility and guide services as well.

2. Glider flying

Boulder is a part of the Rocky Mountain "front range," which usually has perfect winds for glider flying throughout the year. One of Boulder's daring activities includes soaring like a bird in a one- or two-seater glider. Check out Mile High Gliding (5534 Independence Road, Boulder, 303-527-1122) that offers rides as well as gliding lessons. The company is located near the Boulder Municipal Airport and prices run from about $80 up, depending on the length of time you wish to spend swooping through the air over the mountains.

3. A sushi adventure

Boulder seems to be crawling with sushi places, even though you wouldn't necessarily think mountains, foothills and sushi go together. Go figure. A local favorite is Sushi Zanmai (1221 Spruce Street, Boulder, 303-440-0733). If sea urchin and eel sauce are not your cup of sake, order the Colorado roll or raw filet mignon. Sushi Zanmai offers sushi happy hour specials during lunch and dinner. If you wish to indulge in this Boulder adventure in exotic cuisine, book in advance as this place packs em' in and prices are reasonable.

4. Cycling

Boulderites are serious about their cycling. They don't just use bicycles to get from point A to point B. Bike paths are everywhere, and perfect for a family adventure in Boulder. Just don't be a wimp and only take an easy route.

University Bicycles (839 Pearl Street, Boulder, 303-444-4196) can set you up with all the equipment you will need for half a day or a week and they will provide maps of some of the more challenging bike trails.

By the way, if you want to look like a serious biker, don't forget to dress like one. Head a few blocks down Pearl Street to Full Cycle Bikes (1795 Pearl Street, Boulder, 303-440-1002) to be kitted out in all the latest cycling gear.

5. Kayaking

This ultimate adventure vacation water sport has been booming in most of Colorado for quite a few years. Unless you have done it before, it's not wise to hop in a kayak and head to river rapids.

This top adventure activity in Boulder requires instructions and Boulder Outdoor Center (303-444-8420) provides kayak clinics for beginners through intermediates. You'll start off in practice pools, move on to kayaking in reservoirs and, when you are ready, they'll launch you on the river rapids.

Not a sport for the meek or faint of heart, kayaking is at once exhilarating and downright scary, especially if you're a novice. The Center teaches all ages and has overnight kayaking trips, day trips and camps. Although the store is now web-based, their web site clearly lists all the kayaking adventures and classes they offer. Oh, and if it's winter and you're looking for outdoor adventures in Boulder, the same store also offers snowmobile tours and ice-climbing instructions, among other daring activities.

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