Adventure Activities in Boulder - Try if You Dare

Adventure Activity Boulder
Adventure Activity Boulder

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Some people call it "The Republic of Boulder" because people here are renowned for marching to their own drum. In reality, Boulder Colorado is a very liberal community with an artsy vibe. It is sophisticated yet bohemian, diverse and eccentric. And thrill-seekers will be pleased to know that adventure activity in Boulder is around every corner. Anyone looking for outdoor activities, daring ideas and travel adventures need look no further.

Boulder, a picturesque town 30 miles northwest of Denver and 5,074 miles above sea level, is both a college town and high-tech enclave with aging hippies, students and intellectuals mixing well. The common denominators here are environmental awareness, a love of the outdoors and a preference for cycling.

While there are plenty of daring activities in Boulder, we've selected just a few ideas to get you started on your adventure vacation. The whole area is a playground for adventurous Boulder visitors, so keep your eyes open to feed your imagination.

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