What's Hot on RentedSpaces This Week

We've got the up, the down, and the all-around this week on RentedSpaces. So whether you're looking to go upscale with a six-figure kids room, to downsize to just 100 possessions or to hear an all-around building manager horror story, we've got you covered.

Kids' Bedrooms Get the Royal Treatment
For those people who can't quite seem to find enough ways to spend money, we present the $100,000 child's bedroom. Wait, what? Yes, really. Read more.

How to Downsize to Under 100 Things
Probably not targeted the same group who would drop $100K on their kids' rooms, but there's a movement afoot to downsize to just 100 items of "stuff". Read more.

Six Ways to Make Sure You Get Back Your Security Deposit
See how to increase your odds of getting your one- or two-month's worth of security deposit back from your landlord, when you read more.

Strategies for a Serene Bedroom
See why kicking your television to the curb (or at least to the living room) can up your chances of a good night's sleep. Read more.

Apartment Guru: Building Manager Lets Himself In, Watches TV
The Apartment Guru is back with a story sure to creep you out -- and probably inspire you to subtly boobytrap your apartment. Read more.

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