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Tyler Perry can afford to buy big ol' pink mansions no matter what interest rates are doing, but this week brought great news for the rest of us. Lower rates were hot news on HousingWatch this week. See what else our readers were interested in.

1. Tyler Perry Buys $40M Atlanta Mansion as $7.6M Teardown
Hollywood heavyweight Tyler Perry (shown at left) plans to keep his Atlanta roots firmly planted, with his recent purchase -- and planned demolition -- of a 30,000-square-foot pink mansion. Read more.

2. Foreclosures at All-Time High, Buyers Are Bargain Hunting
A glut of foreclosed properties combined with attractive mortgage rates is making many people consider buying these days. See if you're a good candidate to take advantage of the deals. Read more.
3. Refis Boom on Low Mortgage Rates
The lower interest rates available recently have made for some great refinance opportunities. But see whether it makes sense for you before you go calling up your broker. Read more.

4. 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgages Hit New Low
Why has there been so much purchase and refi activity in the last couple of months? Nine straight weeks of interest rate decline, that's why! See if our experts expect the trend to continue. Read more.

5. Real Estate Fraud Rising: Kentucky Man Steals Dead Neighbor's Condo
In real estate, like all other facets of life, crime simply doesn't pay. A Kentucky man has learned that lesson the hard way, drawing a jail sentence and stiff fine for fraudulently renting out a dead man's property. Read more.

6. Gulf Coast Real Estate Still Mired in BP Spill
It seems like the only place the massive Gulf Oil spill is disappearing from is the headlines. The Gulf itself is still choked with oil, and the local real estate market is still reeling from the effects. When will it end? Read more.

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