Washington D.C. with Kids: A Perfect Family Day

Washington with Kids: A Family Vacation
Washington with Kids: A Family Vacation


Washington, D.C., is a must-visit destination, and surprisingly, a great place to sight see with little kids. As a fairly recent mom, I have the unique perspective of having seen D.C. sans children and now with a little one younger than 7. Packed with activities and interesting places that can be enjoyed by parents and kids alike, the nation's capital makes for a great family vacation that you will remember for years.

If you have the opportunity to stay in the city, by all means do so as that would be the ideal option. But with costs of hotels so high, families can take advantage of the fabulous Metro system to travel into the city from Metro-connected areas like Northern Virginia or Maryland. The Metro ride itself is a fun activity for kids. Keep in mind though that spring and summer months are peak tourist seasons in D.C. so you might want to make the trip early in the day to avoid crowds. Here is our suggested itinerary for the perfect family vacation day in Washington, D.C., with young kids:

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