The best majors and schools for online degrees

Smiling girl in graduation gown holding $20 bill
Smiling girl in graduation gown holding $20 bill

Thanks to the Internet, earning a degree while maintaining a full-time job or having a family is no longer a huge struggle. Online degrees fit the learner's schedule and lifestyle without sacrificing other priorities. Not all online degrees are created equal, though. It is essential to research the program and the institution before enrolling in an online program.

Here are the some of the best choices that Money College found for pursuing online degrees:

Best online majors
Business degrees, both undergraduate business administration and MBAs, are wildly popular online degrees. An MBA helps advance a business career faster than simply slowly climbing the company's management ladder. Earning an MBA online allows a student to keep that important career position while preparing for job advancement. With such popularity, these programs for online degrees are competing with each other for students and promise a good education.

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