Salt Lake City Slang

Salt Lake City Slang

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It should come as no surprise to those familiar with Utah's history that many Salt Lake City slang terms are derived from the city's connection to the Mormon Church. Below are a few examples of the local language that visitors can expect to encounter.

1. "Pleasetameetcha"

Or "pleased to meet you" said as all one word. This is a common greeting for those from Salt Lake City. Local language also includes "appreciatecha," a similar term that you'll hear as the parting phrase after meeting or talking with a native. This conglomeration of several words is something you can expect to hear throughout your time in the city.

2. "Cowboy Up"

In Salt Lake City slang, this means "step up to the plate," or "take control of the situation." Watch out for this one, especially if it's said in the context of a bar challenge.

3. "H-E- double toothpicks"

Mormon speak for "hell."

4. "Resembling"

This example of Salt Lake City slang is a bit unconventional. It is used in place of the word "like," so instead of saying "he likes it," one would say "he's resembling it."

5. "Out in the toolies"

This refers to being out in the "boonies," or an uninhabited area.

6. "Keep it stright"

No, that's not a typo. "Stright" is how "straight" is pronounced in Utah.

7. "Mo-terms"

Mormon terminology. Many Salt Lake City slang terms are also "mo-terms."

8. "Saintspeak"

The term used to describe the Mormon Dictionary.

9. "Added upon"

Now one might assume that this means "put upon," referring to the taking on of extra duties. Not in Salt Lake City. Local language incorporates this term in a way that means "increased" or "blessed," especially in an eternal sense – think the afterlife.

10. "Area Authority Seventy"

Now this Salt Lake City slang often comes up in the local news, leaving non-Mormons to ponder what it means or to just assume that it refers to something arcane. Actually, "Seventy" is a priesthood office in the Latter Day Saints movement. Thus, "area authority seventy" is just the local lingo used to reference a regional church leader. (Note: there can be multiple leaders, or "seventies".)

11. "Choose the Right"

This is a common slogan in Mormonism. Teenagers of the Latter Day Saints movement often wear rings engraved with the initials "CTR," which symbolizes their commitment to the faith. The ring also sends a message to any love interest that the wearer would likely meet the approval of one's parents and the church.

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