Quote of the Moment: "My dog is in the pound"


"My grandmother-in-law, she is 83 years old, she wears thick glasses, she has curly grey hair, she's been about four years widowed now, she lives with my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law was recently returning from a trip out of town. As soon as she got home, my grandmother-in-law comes out to the back porch to meet her, she's very upset, she's distraught.

She says, 'Well, my dog is in the pound,' and my mother-in-law says "What do you mean your dog is in the pound?" She thought for a minute she was talking about her boston terrier. And she says 'No, my dog on Farmville. My dog's been thrown in the pound! You've got to go to the store and you've got to buy farm dollars for me.' The obvious answer was to drive 20 miles, to Target, buy the card for $30 then turn around and drive back home that very night so she could get her dog out of the pound."

Leigh Fransen, of Fort Mill South Carolina recounts the lengths he family has gone to for Farmville in a very entertaining NPR piece on the appeal of social games.